Zenful Coaching Master Class

12 Weeks of Performance Mentoring
with Debbie Pask


Coaching & Performance Mentoring with Debbie Pask

"After years of Coaching and developing strong and trusted tools and skills in a live environment,  I have been asked to start TRAINING and TEACHING these tools on a more formal basis. So I created this 12 week power master class."

-Debbie Pask
Performance Coach and Mentor

Learn the leading edge tools, models and activities to better lead, inspire and improve the performance of your team and/or clients.

- Flexible learning in your own time with videos, audio and visual information available 24/7.

- Access a fortnightly Personal Mentoring Session with Debbie Pask to deepen your experience and work on yourself.

- Join the fortnightly Webinar with a small connected group to share your ideas and learn from the hive.


The Masterclass Program was FANTASTIC , I learned so much, not only about the tools but also about myself & how to implement simple changes in my life. Everyone in the group was very different, each of us with our own amazing life experience and knowledge & I learned a lot from hearing how the others in our group used the tools on themselves & to help others.

I can only give Debbie & her Masterclass my very best recommendations.
Debbie has an amazingly positive energy & knowledge that she happily shares that with everyone.
Kamilla van der Velde
Director and Country Manager

How does the Coaching MasterClass work and what is included?

The Coaching Master Class program can be utilised for your OWN GROWTH and personal development, as well as your CLIENTS/ TEAMS to enhance your career.  The group will be personal and hands-on.


This 12-Week MasterClass is great for:

  Managers and Leaders in the workplace seeking cutting edge tools

  Business owners that need to collaborate and manage relationships

  Coaches, Trainers, Wellness practitioners that work with clients daily

Well suited to a forward thinking Leader, Manager or Coach or Trainer who is always seeking to improve skills and mindset - both psychologically and spiritually.

What is different about this Program?

These tools are not found anywhere else in traditional coaching training as they have been developed over time using eastern principles – backed by western structures that can be effectively applied. The models draw on different indigenous wisdom and latest science – alongside psychological research and mindfulness techniques.

Developed over years by Debbie Pask, these tools reflect her journey which includes a university degree in Philosophy, Advanced Enneagram Training, studying with Frank Ansell (Aboriginal ‘nungra’ healer based in Alice Springs), Psych-K work, Sweat lodge journey experiences, years of meditation training, studies and certificate in Astrology, Numerology and years of study and mastery of the Yin and Yang Philosophy.

Debbie also has a background in board level advertising (managing a team of 65 people) and has been coaching people for years including professional sports coaches, executives in leading US companies, digital marketing business owners and CEO’s.
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“I have just completed Debbie's Zenful Coaching Masterclass and as much as I am excited for my future as a life coach, I was sad that the course was over. The course content is brilliant. The way in which Debbie presents it, makes it so easy to follow and the tools supplied make it so easy to implement. I found I put into practice what I learnt, almost immediately.  The content is delivered a very usable way.

The group webinars were a real treat.  We all came such different backgrounds, that there was so much to learn from each other.   What I loved most is that it's a mixture of western world and eastern philosophies. The course has given me the opportunity to appreciate my life experiences and value what my life has taught me.

Debbie and the course has given me the biggest gift of allowing me to align my career with my purpose and passion, I couldn't have asked for more. I can't wait for the Masterclass Part 2.”

Lauren Gordon
Zenful Masterclass Program pioneer

What are the benefits for me?

 Increased leadership skills and abilities – learn to coach intuitively and effectively

 Exposure to a range of eastern philosophies in business that aren’t commonly taught elsewhere

 Supercharged client sessions that will generate repeat business

 Increased benefits of your current skillset

 Better conversations and problem solving abilities

 Able to coach and counsel others through roadblocks as well as tackle your own roadblocks more easily

 Tools to cope with challenges for self and for your clients/team

 Improved creative thinking and strong foundational principles to underpin any projects and people coaching

 Learn the art of staying connected, in flow and aware of your impact on self and others

Over the 12 Weeks

Conceptual Learning
Every 2 weeks (Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 9)

Learn at your own pace over the week.
You will receive a series of video, audio and/or visual training exploring a specific concept and the accompanying tools (you can use these after the course in a live environment) to view at your own leisure when suits you.

Conceptual Application

In between weeks (Week 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)
You get to apply your tool to a situation (your own or a supplied case study) – ready for a conversation on webinar - Wednesday evening 8pm. These are recorded so if you miss it, you can listen in later.

2x personal 50-minute Mentoring Sessions with Debbie Pask

To use the tool and receive the one-2-one mentoring in context of your own personal life challenge or opportunity (so you experience it for yourself and at same time get the atune-ment you need).
You will come out more evolved after 2 personal sessions!


Weeks 11 & 12 will include a small and experiential assignment

On a LIVE (chosen by you) or PROVIDED case study (supplied by me) to effectively apply the tools and submit a case study for review by Debbie. Feedback will be provided by Debbie and will super-charge your ability to grasp the tools and also remember them.
​​​​​​​The idea is to embed the knowledge via a case study.

"Debbie is really a one in a million coach who effortlessly bridges both personal and professional challenges. She is a highly experienced strategic thinker who can quickly grasp complex systems and dynamics. At the same time she is also a creative and intuitive whizz, finely tuned to the personal. Her ability to see the big picture without losing sight of logistics and systems means she can facilitate swift seamless transformation – both personal and professional with her ‘zenful magic’. 
Brilliant for business coaching, personal coaching and everything in between.
Claudia Chambers,
Musician, Performer and Positive Psych Coach
"Debbie is a very rare mix of a being a very commercially astute person / spirituality attuned / all-round special individual. In the 2 years I have been working with Debbie as my Business Coach, I have achieved projects that in the past I would have only dreamed of. I have refereed clients, family and friends to Debbie without hesitation as she is a very special person and it’s amazing what you can achieve with her in your corner."
Geremy Glew, 
Director of Placed Recruitment Sydney

A Certificate will be provided
at the completion of


So in total you receive:
6 Live Webinars | 2 Mentoring Sessions | 6 Training Videos & Tools

PLUS, an assignment at the end to complete on a LIVE or PROVIDED case study to apply the tools and submit your case study for review by Debbie.

You can choose to pay fortnightly, monthly or upfront for the whole 12 weeks for a discount of 10%.

Fill out the form and we'll inform you of the next Masterclass dates. Plus, have a private chat with Debbie to discuss your needs 

12-Week Coaching MasterClass
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