Master the skills and mindset to lead with confidence and create lasting change in your clients or team.

What is the Zenful Coaching Masterclass?

The Zenful Coaching Masterclass is a 12 week, interactive and experiential online program that teaches you to master the skills and mindset to lead with confidence and create lasting change in your clients and team.

Whether you’re a business leader, coach, trainer or practitioner, the Zenful Coaching Masterclass will give you the tools, models and skills to take your career to the next level.

Debbie Pask has drawn upon years of experience, leveraging indigenous wisdom, scientific methods, psychological research and mindfulness techniques to create a truly breakthrough program. The Zenful Business Masterclass is a 12 week Online Program that utilises eastern principles, backed by western structures, to deliver a comprehensive set of tools, models and skills to influence and impact your clients and/or team.

How does the Zenful Coaching Masterclass work?

  • The Zenful Coaching Masterclass offers flexible learning, with videos, audios and visual information available 24/7.
  • You will have access to a two (2x) Personal Mentoring Session with Debbie Pask to deepen your experience and learning.
  • Additionally, there will be a fortnightly webinar with a small connected group to share your ideas and learn from the Masterclass community.

Who is the Zenful Coaching Masterclass for?

Are you are a forward-thinking business leader, coach, trainer or practitioner?

Do you want to take your skills and mindset to the next level so you can better lead, inspire and improve the performance of your team and or clients?

If so, this is the Masterclass for you

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 Business Leaders 

Coaches and Trainers
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Practitioners and Healers

Customer Reviews of The Zenful Coaching Masterclass

Jonathan Franze. Sydney Australia
@franzefitness  | Personal Trainer 
"The Masterclass Program was FANTASTIC , I learned so much, not only about the tools but also about myself & how to implement simple changes in my life. Everyone in the group was very different, each of us with our own amazing life experience and knowledge & I learned a lot from hearing how the others in our group used the tools on themselves & to help others.

I can only give Debbie & her Masterclass my very best recommendations. Debbie has an amazingly positive energy & knowledge that she happily shares that with everyone."

- Kamilla van der Velde
Director and Country Manager

...I am excited for my future as a Life Coach, I was sad that the course was over. The course content is brilliant. The way in which Debbie presents it, makes it so easy to follow and the tools supplied make it so easy to implement. I found I put into practice what I learnt, almost immediately.  The content is delivered a very usable way. The group webinars were a real treat.  We all came such different backgrounds, that there was so much to learn from each other.   What I loved most is that it's a mixture of western world and eastern philosophies. The course has given me the opportunity to appreciate my life experiences and value what my life has taught me. Debbie and the course has given me the biggest gift of allowing me to align my career with my purpose and passion, I couldn't have asked for more. I can't wait for the Masterclass Part 2.”

​​​​​​​- Lauren Gordon
Creatives Service Manager  & Personal Coach​​​​​​

Meet Debbie Pask

People say I’m a mix of mentor, coach, consultant and intuitive guide. What I’m most interested in is helping business people to stay energised, focused, confident and on purpose so they become better operators.

My core passion is to help you discover & unlock your own ‘life purpose’ and then go about planning and designing your utopian business or career around it.

With a background in Advertising at board level at age 26, a university degree in philosophy and 14 years training in energy healing and meditation, I know how to bring the rational and intuitive together to create a stronger approach to business. I am the ultimate example of a full career transition from one job to another without sacrificing abundance and fulfilment. I now help other people find the energy to do this, and to find the peace that comes at the end of the day knowing you are contributing in your highest form.

"After years of coaching and developing strong and trusted tools and skills in a live environment,  I have been asked to start TRAINING and TEACHING these tools on a more formal basis. So I created this 12-week power Masterclass."

- Debbie Pask 
Transformation and Performance Coach

Masterclass Investment

Full price: $1,900


Fill out the form and stay posted for the next opening dates. Plus, have a private chat with Debbie to discuss your needs! ​​​​​​​

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